We at "SARI STYLIST" also provide Saris of our brand: SARI STYLIST for Front Office Executives, Corporate, School, Hospital & Insitutional Saree Uniforms!

Think of a perfect Indian women…
Yes it’s the woman wearing a sari, the most perfect, admirable, civilized & an identity that exhibit a complete persona of a perfect woman carrying the heritage of her vast & rich heritage in a costume adding grace her God gifted elegance  & dignity.
Sari is an outfit is another mean that provides an identity to an Indian woman…the perfect woman. One single piece of fabric could be draped in innumerable trends yet looks graceful & attractive. It defines not only a woman’s body but her overall personality and a background that has innumerable folds of rich & rich heritage inherited by her ancestors….Yes we are talking of an Indian woman & an her identical outfit that differentiate her from the rest of the world.
Comes in the rich Indian colors like bright red, deep green, peacock blue, golden, silver & so many each & every design seems like a masterpiece of Indian art.
Originated from various region of India, not only metros but the cornered villages where not only the weavers but the artisans ornate the fabric with designer embroidery & prints. Sometime establishing a connection in the different corners of the country, weaven somewhere in Gujrat, embroidered in Luknow, packaged in Delhi & sold all over the  world.
Imagine one single outfit could express so many identities, so many regions, so many cultures …it’s just the style you drape it in. Be it a simple north Indian style or the Bengali, Marathi, South Indian or any traditional style.
Not only the traditional one but now the western one. Coming up as a fusion in the fashion designers lingua that has the same sari with a little innovations i.e.  The western cuts, the western accessories, the backless designer blouses etc.
Ask any designer the favorite costume according to him on the woman of any origin…more than 80 % of the designers would say Sari. And believe it includes the international designers as well.
See it in bollywood movies. No actress could look as sexier as in sari than in any other costume. This single traditional outfit has endless scope of innovations. One can change the whole personality just by a different style of draping it.
And this is why so many costumes comes in & goes by but Sari still stands on the same top most platform of  uniqueness, style, fashion, dignity & grace. Nothing could ever beat it.  It is simple yet sexier & that’s the reason that it complements the personality of a bollywood dancers wearing designer chiffon sari to the most dignifies political personalities wearing cotton & silk sari.
Wedentgroup introduces its vast collections of this beautiful wear under a brand called Sari Stylist where we will gather the most beautiful & classy saris from all over India weaven by the local artisans as well as by skilled & known designers. 
Wedentgroup is always on the way to promote Indian culture across the globe wants to bring you with the various style of SARIS where our associate dealers from all corners of India would bring you the best of the sari collections under one head called Sari Stylist..
We have been delivering our saris & sari draping services to the celebrities so far but now we want to reach everywhere. Our very beautiful & successful national & international models have walked on the ramp in the sari events managed by our brand called aagni.com but now we want to reach all the sari fans and also those who admire the elegant & dignify dressing styles. 
Considering that in most of the reputed institutions in India Sari is used as a dress code also so we at “SARI STYLIST"  provide Saris of our brand Sari Stylist for Airlines Front Office Executives, Corporate, School, Hospital & Insitutional Saree Uniforms!
They are a collection of traditional Saris in a very sophisticated pattern to maintain the honor of the organizations.  We can provide any number of Saris as per the requirement in reasonable price as well.
We also cover our neighboring areas where saris are worn like Bangladesh, Nepal etc.
Some of the saris we deal with
Eastern styles
Sambalpuri Sari silk & Cotton –Sambalpur, Orissa
Ikkat Silk & Cotton – Bargarh, Orissa
Tangail cotton – Bangladesh
Jamdani – Bangladesh
Muslin – Bangladesh
Rajshahi Silk – Bangladesh
Tussar Silk – Bihar
Mooga silk – Assam
Tant famous Bengali cotton – Shantipur, West Bengal
Dhaniakhali cotton – West Bengal
Murshidabad silk – West Bengal
Baluchari silk – West Bengal
Khandua Silk & Cotton –Cuttack, Orissa
Bomkai/Sonepuri Sari Silk & Cotton – Subarnapur, Orissa
Berhampuri Silk – Bramhapur, Orissa
Mattha or Tussar Silk –Mayurbhanj, Orissa
Bapta Silk & Cotton –Koraput, Orissa
Tanta Cotton –Balasore, Orissa
Shantipur Cotton – West Bengal
Phulia Cotton – West Bengal
Northern styles
Banarasi – Uttar Pradesh
Shalu – Uttar Pradesh
Tanchoi; Uttar Pradesh
Western styles
Paithani – Maharashtra
Bandhani – Gujarat and Rajasthan
Kota doria Rajasthan
Lugade – Maharashtra
Patola – Gujarat
Central styles
Chanderi – Madhya Pradesh
Maheshwari – Madhya Pradesh
Kosa silk – Chattisgarh
Southern styles
Kanchipuram (locally called Kanjivaram) – Tamil Nadu
Kumbakonam – Tamil Nadu
Set Sari; Kerala
Neriyathu Sari; Kerala
Half Sari; Kerala
Thirubuvabam – Tamil Nadu
Thanjavur – Tamil Nadu
Madurai – Tamil Nadu
Arani – Tamil Nadu
Pochampally – Andhra Pradesh (GI rights applied)[21]
Venkatagiri – Andhra Pradesh
Gadwal – Andhra Pradesh
Guntur – Andhra Pradesh
Narayanpet – Andhra Pradesh
Mangalagiri – Andhra Pradesh
Balarampuram – Kerala
Mysore silk – Karnataka
Ilkal – Karnataka
Designer saris
·        Indo western fusions,
·        Georgette & chiffon saris
·        Net saris & other western look saris with designer blouses
·        Cotton saris with khadi blouses for the professionals like journalists & politicians etc
Not only saris we also provide you with the designer services for designer saris, blouses & sari drapist from all over India.
So if you believe in this elegant & dignified outfit believe in Sari Stylist too & make sure to visit our stores or order our collections online whatever is your budget we would get the best deal.
Namaskar 8-)